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As a company we are passionate about raising awareness and talking about taboo's in an interesting and engaging way. We want to inspire and inform rather than to shock and sicken hence the premise for our latest short.

‘Untold’ is based on a real life case study from the charity, Unchosen. This is an amazing charity which raises awareness for Human trafficking. This has been a subject that Tuppence has been incredibly concerned about for a long time, so making a film to raise awareness seems only natural.
Our film is about a young boy who was a victim of trafficking. He was trafficked to the UK from Vietnam and once here, was imprisoned in a cannabis factory. After the police discovered the factory Hung and several other under age victims were imprisoned in a young offenders unit. Even after release and being acknowledged as a victim of human trafficking, Hung still has a criminal record and is fighting for asylum.

Shocked? So are we.

Our short tells this story by switching between the reality of where Hung has ended up, a series of still plasticine tableaux's and voice overs depicting his journey through innocent childlike eyes.

Untold was short listed in the forced labour category for the Unchosen Film awards 2013. It will be on a road show tour around the UK and Ireland raising awareness for human trafficking.

It has also been selected by the GLA (Greater London Assembly) to show at their presentation of the new report on human trafficking.

This is a great achievement for Tuppence Films. We are committed to producing films about contemporary social issues, so we feel privileged to have created this film to help raise awareness. Our hope is that on seeing this film other people are awakened and inspired to make change.