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The Roses Grow Wild
Set to the backdrop of London's East End decadent vibrancy, The Roses Grow Wild is a bohemian love story set in a modern street style. Focusing on broken dreams, hardships, aspirations and severe depression within young twenty something's, also known as the 'Facebook generation,' it emulates the inner twining of what really happens when the artistic youth revel in following their dreams.

This is a classic love story containing a pulsating twist. A young writer whom has always been an observant outsider falls in love, and has a relationship with the coolest 'hipster' on the scene. When it becomes twisted and loses its momentum, so does her mind.

The landscape is populated by aspiring writers, rock stars and fashionistas who stave off the credentials of other close creative's, emulating a flimsy film of pretence.

As the cracks break, so does her day-to-day surviving in normal tones of happiness. As we follow her quest to regain happiness, we ask ourselves, where do all the broken dreams go?

"The release from her obsession is as elusive as art itself".

Cast for the TRAILER include: Rachel Bright (Eastenders) and Ed Cooper Clarke