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About Us
Tuppence Films is at the very beginning of what we hope will be an evocative and explorative life. We want to challenge people’s expectations and stereotypes. We want to make people question what is socially acceptable and not be complacent. We want to give women a greater voice in the industry.

We are young women with a lot to say and we feel that we are in a generation of silence. We don’t seem to question things politically or socially as previous generations have. Yet the more people we talk to, the more we realise that there is a huge unheard voice of discontent that is looking for an outlet. In a time when art is being pushed further down the political agenda, we want to push back by making thought provoking work.

Maude and Sophia met three years ago while rehearsing for a play. This formed the solid foundation of there future partnership. We both want to create a stronger female presence in TV, film and theatre by producing work based around fiery and complex female characters.

Spurred on by a fiercely creative and driven bunch of friends and colleagues around us, we founded Tuppence Films. We are hugely inspired by film makers like Ken Loach, Andrea Arnold, Mike Leigh, Sofia Coppola and are spurred on by our personal heroes such as Caitlin Moran, Germaine Greer and Tracy Emin. 

We hope to carry on making provocative work and to keep people questioning the surrounding that we live in. We hope to build a network of like-minded creatives to achieve these goals.

Maude and Sophia
Tuppence Films